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…And all through the house

Not a character was stiring

Not even Caroline/Klaus

The stockings were hung

By Whovians with Care

In the hopes that the Doctor Who Christmas Speacial

Would soon be there

The homestuck fans were nestled

All snug in their bed

While vision of Trolls

Danced in their head

With Cas by the curtains

And Dean in a Cap

Sam settled down

for a well deserved nap

Out on the Lawn,

The Starks made such a Clatter

Forcing Harry Potter

To see whats the matter

On his broom

the wizard moved like the flash

only to find

Fans writing Slash 

Fans stared at him

Cosplays Mid-sew

Fan girl were screaming

as he looked down below

 The girls Began to scream with joy

They all wanted to scream the hardest

And with no warning

Appeared the Tardis 

River was Driving

So the parking break was off

Dipper was impressed

But Mable just scoffed

Finn called

all the Princess by name

Then Bubblegum, Marceline, Lsp

Flame, Turtle, and Wildberry all came

Now to Shippers and Fandoms-

Fangirls and Fanboys

Who buy all the Merchandise;

All the posters, clothing and toys-

Mordecai and Rigby

Would like to present an Ooooohhhh

While the girls of My Little Pony

Play in the Snow

Soaring through the sky

like a plane

Is none other

then avatar Aang

The Avatar came with Christmas speacials

Of everyone’s favorite shows

Because its that time year

where anything goes

Happy Holidays to all fans and fandoms

May your celebrations be filled with cheer

And of course

Happy New year!

((I obviously I need a new hobby XD )) 

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